Clubs & Pubs in Penticton


Covering the Penticton Music Scene

The most complete listing of club and pub gigs and the local and touring musicians and bands playing them.

NOTE - The COVID-19 pandemic and the provincial emergency delcaration have put a hold on live music performances in Penticton and across BC. As restrictions loosen and live events start getting booked again, this page and others in our music section will begin to fill up again.

Pubs and Clubs Having a Hard Go Right Now

Covid-19 has taken a huge toll on many people, traditions, and businesses. Perhaps no sector has been hit as hard as the one that includes pubs and clubs, who support live music with regular gigs from local and touring musicians and bands.

Penticton has been blessed with a number of this type of venue that have been here for a very long time, having survived through the decades by providing really good pub food along with a steady stream of high quality entertainment. Many of them have outlasted countless restaurants and other venues that have come and gone, and they hope to continue long after this current challenge passes. They will need the full support of we the community to make that happen.

Covid Restrictions Extended Into January

In order to combat the recent and ongoing significant increase in Covid infections, hospitalizations and deaths, the Province of British Columbia has extended the restrictions on gatherings through to January 7th. I know that there are a lot of different opinions out there, but it surely can't hurt us to mask up, respect other people's space and safety, and suck it up for a few more weeks. We've got this, Kelowna.